6 Easy Father's Day Cards for Kids to Make | Fathers Day Card Ideas for Children

This year for father's day we made not just one, but six cards.  One, because it is father's day and I thought we could use the cards for a creative treasure hunt, and two, because kids are getting bored this summer vacation so I had to keep them busy, and making cards and crafts was one of the ways.

Fathers Day Card Ideas for Kids to Make

Here's a video of my kids and I making these cards together: 


In this post I'm sharing 6 Father's Day Cards for kids to make for dad, grand dad, or the special father figures in their lives:
1) Shirt and Tie Card
2) Handprint Card
3) Popsicle Card
4) A to Z I Heart You Card
5) Thumbs Up Card
6) Rocket Spaceship Card

Basic Supplies Needed:



Shirt and Tie Card for Father's Day

To make a DIY shirt and tie card:
Step 1: Cut out a 6" by 9" construction paper or cardstock paper in color or design of your choice and fold it in half.  Draw a tie on a contrasting colored paper and cut it out. 
Step 2: Cut out 1" from the back of the card, and make 1" slits on both sides in the front of the card.  Fold the slits inwards so the edges touch each other and it represents the collar of a shirt.
Step 3: Glue the tie onto the collar.  Cut out a small rectangle about 1.5 cm by 2 cm and glue it onto the shirt as a shirt pocket.
Step 4: If you want to make an origami tie, if you want to add something to represent a tie pin and a handkerchief or a pocket square, then you can watch my other video linked below for the steps.
Step 5: Write your heartwarming message for your dad inside the card.

fathers day shirt and tie card craft

DIY shirt and tie card fathers day birthday

Video tutorial of Shirt and Tie Card (480,000+ views on YouTube as of June 2020):


Handprint Card for Father's Day

To make a handprint card:
Step 1: Fold a cardstock paper and trace the palm on to it, and cut along the lines on the folded paper so you get 2 handprint cutouts.  Cut a curve in the bottom to keep only the palm and not the part of the wrist.
Step 2: Cut two 1" width strips of printer paper or construction paper, make an accordion fold and glue the folds in the middle together.
Step 3: Glue one edge of the strip on one palm, and bringing the accordion fold closer together, align the palms together so that you can glue the other edge of the strip on the other palm after the palms are aligned.  
Step 4: Write your message on top of the card, such as "High Five Daddy!" or "I love You" or "It takes a big heart to hold a little hand" or your choice, and a heartwarming message for your dad inside.

DIY easy handprint fathers day card for kids

handprint card for kids to make


Father's Day Popsicle Card DIY Printable | Father's Day Card Ideas for Kids to Make

To make a DIY popsicle card:
Step 1: Have a popsicle stick and googly eyes on hand. Draw a similar popsicle as you see in the picture on your choice of construction paper, draw some teardrop shapes in different sizes to represent the popsicle "drips", and cut all pieces.
Step 2: On a cardstock paper, arrange the popsicle stick, the popsicle, 2-3 drops on 3 sides of the card, the googly eyes, cut out an arc out of black paper to show a smile and 2 pink circles to show a blush, and glue everything in place.
Step 3: Write your message on top of the card, such as you are so cool, or happy father's day to the coolest dad, and a heartwarming message for your dad inside.
Or you could use the printable from the PDF to make your card, it comes with instructions: Father's Day Popsicle Card DIY Printable | Father's Day Card Idea for Kids to Make

popsicle card for kids to make

Father's Day Card: A to Z  I (heart) U Daddy!

For kids to make a A to Z card on their own:
Step 1: Write the alphabets A to F with a little spacing on the first line.  The first line will guide you to write the next alphabets G to K just below them.  Write LMN just below GHI and then make a red heart instead of O and continue writing the alphabets as shown.  In the end leave a little space after Z and write Dad, Daddy, or what you call your father (or grandfather) as.
Step 2: In case the little ones cannot align their alphabets because of which I heart U do not end up diagonal, you can highlight I and U with a different color marker.  Otherwise, this is the printable PDF that you could print on a cardstock, fold, and you are good to go: Father's Day Printable A to Z I Love You Dad Card | Free Printable Father's Day Card
Step 3: Write your heartwarming message for your dad or granddad inside the card.

A to Z I heart U card 


Thumbs Up Card for Father's Day

To make a thumbs up card:
Step 1: place your palm down on constuction paper with fingers distanced and don't move your palm as you lightly trace around with a pencil.
Step 2: Cut out the handprint, cut a straight line at the wrist, and erase the pencil marks. 
Step 3: Covering the fingers of the handprint with your other hand helps so you can glue only the thumb and the palm
Step 4: Stick it onto your cardstock and press to remove any air bubbles. Glue only the top part of the finger and bend it down gently to stick it so it's a smooth bend of finger just how our fist looks like when we give a thumbs up. 
Step 5: Write your message on top of the card, and a heartwarming message for your dad inside.

fathers day card thumbs up handprint


Rocket Card for Father's Day for Kids to Make | Fathers Day Rocket Spaceship Card

You could use the PDF printable to make your card, which you can cut and glue together as a craft activity with the kids, it comes with all the instructions: Rocket Card DIY Printable for Father's Day for Kids to Make | Fathers Day Rocket Spaceship Card FREE Printable

To make a DIY rocket spaceship Father's Day card with colors of your choice:
Step 1: Cut a triangle that is 3" on two sides and 3.5" one side.  Cut a trapezoid with the parallel bases 2.5" and 3" and 1" and height 1".  Cut a 1.5" square diagonally to make 2 triangles. Cut circles or lines or any design you want on your rocket.  Cut out orange, red, and yellow flames.  Cut a 5.5" white card and fold it in half to represent the rocket.
Step 2: Glue the longest side of the big triangle on top of the rocket, the smaller base of the trapezoid in the bottom, the 2 small triangles on the side, stick the flames below the trapezoid, and any circles or lines to decorate your rocket.
Step 3: Messages like "Dad, I love you to the moon and back!" or "You are the Best Dad in the Universe!" will match the rocket or space theme.  Or write your choice of heartwarming message for your dad inside the card. 

rocket spaceship father's day card

These are the 6 cards we made this year for Father's Day 2020.

But if you think about it, your kids can make these cards for any other occasion too - for example, thumbs up card for someone's graduation, rocket card for a kid's space themed birthday, A to Z I heart U card for Valentine's Day, popsicle card to tell someone how cool they are, shirt & tie card for teacher's day (male) or dad's birthday, handprint card for ... anytime.

Have fun.

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