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Have you already started looking for Diwali activities to make with kids?  If the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali, is approaching soon and you are searching for Diwali crafts for kids to keep them busy, to teach them about the festival, and to pass on your favorite Diwali stories while you make the Diwali crafts together with them, then this post is for you.


In this post I'm sharing a collection of all the DIY crafts for Diwali we made so far.  Many moms look for Diwali craft ideas when they volunteer to speak about Diwali at their child's school. If that's you, this post might help you too.  All crafts need adult supervision for young kids.

Video 1: Watch this video on Diwali crafts for kids to see some DIY Diwali paper decoration ideas on how we made the diya toran and tealight candle holder using paper towel roll:

Video 2:  In this video of Diwali theme activities for kids, you'll see us making some Diwali greeting cards and a paper table lamp:

Video 3: Another video on Diwali craft ideas for children has paper plate rangoli and tealight candle holder made using coaster:

Here's a compilation of all the pictures of Diwali crafts made with kids so far:

1. Tealight Candle Holder using Paper Towel Rolls. I don't like using toilet paper rolls for crafts (I find it disgusting to use toilet paper rolls that have been in the restroom for a month for crafts) and prefer using paper towel rolls.


2. Tealight Candle Holder using Coasters. More lights, because it's a festival of lights, after all.  Personally, I like how these look more than the paper towel tealight holder.


3. Paper Plate Rangoli. Decorative designs made on the ground, usually at the entrance of home, using fine colorful powders is called Rangoli. Rangoli can also be made using flowers, colored rice, or sidewalk chalk if you have nothing else on hand. We made paper plate rangoli that we can place on the floor or stick it on the wall as decor.


4. Paper Table Lamp. This was made using cardstock paper and gift tissue paper, and after you're done if you put two battery operated flickering tealights inside it gives a beautiful subtle glow outside. 

diwali lantern craft


5. Diya Toran. Toran is a decorating wall hanging that can be put on the wall as decor, or on the door. Toran can be made using flowers, fabric, or metal. Many people also call it Bandarwal. Traditionally during Diwali, many homes are adorned with toran on the door made of marigold flowers and mango tree leaves.

When making these crafts together, I told my kids about why Diwali is celebrated, and the few stories I know from Ramayan with a positive note on a lesson to learn from each character. How Ram was so brave, how Lakshman was so obedient to his brother, how Sita was a strong woman, how Hanuman was powerful, what Raavan did and the punishment he got. Passing on a little culture from one generation to the other.

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Happy Diwali!


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