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Diwali is a time of love, light, and happiness. Everyone who celebrates this festival feels the exuberance at the mention of the word "Diwali".  It's the time for families to gather, a time to meet and greet friends, and a time to rejoice. A great way to get kids involved in learning about Diwali is to make Diwali cards as you tell them stories from Ramayan and how Diwali is celebrated. In this post I'm sharing some Diwali card ideas to make with kids.

You can watch our video on Diwali greeting cards here:

And here are some ideas for handmade Diwali cards to make with kids that they can give to family and friends. I was asked by many people if I used any stencils or templates for the shapes. No, everything is hand drawn, either on white cardstock paper, or construction paper, or on printed paper (brand: Recollections) and then cut. I looked up some Diwali fonts and Diwali greetings on Google to write the Happy Diwali or Shubh Deepawali message on the card and voila.  The cards are shown to give you a basic idea and your children can build up on that with their imagination.  I cut out the shapes and guided my 5 year old kids on where to glue them. 

Examples of Diwali messages to write in a card:
"Wishing you a bright and happy Diwali, and a wonderful new year! Shubh Deepavali!"
"From our family to yours, wishes for love, peace and prosperity! May hope and happiness shine on you. Happy Diwali!"
"May this beautiful festival of lights fill your home with happiness and brighten up the lives of you and your near and dear ones. Happy Deepavali!"
"Diwali is an auspicious occasion to let the light of candles and diya illuminate our homes and our life too. Wish you a bright and happy Diwali!"

In this generation of everything electronically sent, I especially love a handmade card.

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Have fun and Happy Diwali!

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