Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids | Halloween Treasure Hunt

Since we were stuck at home because of the pandemic and couldn't go out for trick or treat this year, I created an indoor Halloween Scavenger Hunt for kids.

The rhyming clues were in the form of a story line, I also added an animal activity that they had to glue together DURING the hunt, and they collected chocolates and treats in their basket at each location and an indoor trick-or-treat! I love to organize several different activities rolled into one, and kids definitely had fun!

There are 3 parts in this Halloween Scavenger Hunt at Home:

1. Halloween Story

Two kids go on an adventure one day in October. They meet some creatures on their way, help a witch with her magic potion, and so much more happens in their journey as you will discover in each clue.

2. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Print out the 3 pages with 11 clues, cut over the dotted line, place the clues in the locations, and let kids enjoy this scavenger hunt at home as they solve each clue and go to next.  Bonus: place a treat with each clue and give them a basket to have their own indoor trick or treat!

3. Animal Activity

Kids need to gather the animal parts that are hidden with the clues for the witch to make her magic potion. They need to build the spooky creature during the scavenger hunt! 3 pages of animal parts for parents to cut and hide at the locations along with the clues.

I have created so many treasure hunt clues for kids in the last two years, and for the same locations at home there are only so many clues that are possible. So I decided to add an animal craft/activity into their Halloween scavenger hunt, and it was a great idea for them to work together to come up with their spooky creature.

Click on the link to get these Halloween scavenger hunt clues. Hope you will enjoy this scavenger hunt at home as much as my kids did.

Happy Halloween!



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